Multitasking- no it’s not one of the 8 limbs of yoga!

I am by nature a “doer”. I love to move, check off the “to do” list, get things done and generally move about my day in a “see what I can accomplish” kind of spirit. When I had kids this only fueled those tendencies in me because there are always a million things to do. Between helping my daughters, maintaining a home, teaching yoga, practicing yoga, being a partner etc the day is never done.

There certainly is in our culture a lot of emphasis on accomplishment, staying busy and developing the skill of multitasking. I honestly used to pride myself on the ability to have 18 balls up in the air and juggle them all at once. But is that really a skill we want to develop?? If you think about it- multitasking is literally “doing multiple tasks at once”. Read more