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An entire mind-body-soul practice is waiting for you. Gain instant access to asanas, meditations, breathwork, and healthy eating videos.

  • Feel good in your body
  • Become stronger and more confident
  • Be more present and inspired in your day to day life
  • Align with your own unique nature

Seeking a holistic yoga practice online?


Here’s what’s you’ll get inside Nikki Estrada Yoga:

Practice live in real time online with other yogis from around the world. Say hi in the chat box and feel connected to a global community. 

20 Minute Reset Move & Breathe Video between work calls to keep you fresh & motivated.

After a long and stressful day, wind down with a guided relaxation video to ease you into a good nights rest.

Choose from more than 300 videos covering asana, pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda and more.

Learn how to change your diet and practices seasonally for optimal harmony with nature.

Take a peak at the newsletter archives covering everything from breathwork to breakfast.

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Hi There Beautiful Seeker

Nikki Estrada Twist

A little about me. I discovered yoga at the age of 20 when a student at U.C. Santa Barbara. It was love at first down dog. I couldn’t believe how challenging it was despite being stuck to the space of a small yoga mat. I kept coming back for more because it lit a fire in me I didn’t realize was there. I loved how it made me feel, way down deep on the inside.

It led me to India to practice Ashtanga for three months in Mysore and much to my surprise, to teaching at a yoga studio when I got home. I trained with the best, Erich Schiffman and Sarah Powers and went on to study and teach my butt off. I pushed my body and achieved a few fancy poses only to realize I was stuck at a plateau, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I wanted more. I wanted the post asana bliss to last and to help me in other areas of my life.

I dove into yogic philosophy studies with Rod Stryker, worked with Ayurvedic Dr. Siva Mohan and began to integrate my practice into my whole life. During this time I created and led teacher trainings, taught a million public classes and workshops and was director of teacher training for YogaWorks for 7 years where I mentored and trained teachers.

After so many years of study and practice I realized there were other students out there like me that wanted more from their practice but didn’t know what was missing. Mostly everyone is focused on the poses in the western world. I created the 4 Pillars Of Yoga to help people benefit from a comprehensive and holistic practice that addresses body, breath, mind and diet. Now I can offer this integrated approach online with people all over the world.

Yoga and Ayurveda help you align with yourself at the deepest level. They help you align with nature. When you do that you live a more aligned, authentic, empowered and joyful life. Using tools that address your body, energy, mind and diet you become stronger, your limiting beliefs dissolve and you make better and more intuitive decisions, from the little things to the big things. Your yoga truly and positively touches every aspect of your life: relationships, health, finance, career, spirit, mind and more.

Join me in living a life that brings you fulfillment, joy, ease and confidence. The tools are here.

Nikki Estrada Namaste

Dear Yogi,

At Nikki Estrada Yoga, I take you beyond the asanas and into a holistic practice with your individual self in mind.

Inclusivity is key:

  • A video archive full of hundreds of classes you’re welcome to take anytime you feel called, on your schedule
  • Practices for those with a little time or a lot of time, from newbies to advanced practitioners
  • Welcoming of anyone seeking more self-direction, confidence, inner strength, and flow. Yoga is for anyone curious enough to create change in their lives

The doors are still open, you are welcome here.

Nikki on the beach

Weekly Schedule

  • Sunday: All Levels Sacred Flow with Meditation 10:30am-11:45am PT (In person at The Studio)
  • Monday: Level 2/3 9:30am PT (Livestream)
  • Tuesday: Level 2/3 9:30am PT (In person at The Studio)
  • Tuesday: Hatha Level 1/2 11:00am PT (In person at The Studio)
  • Wednesday: All Levels 9:30am PT (Livestream)
  • Saturday: All Levels 9am PT (Livestream)



I’ll show you how to weave a well-rounded yoga practice into your life.

Anyone looking to learn more about themselves will benefit from her teaching.

Nikki’s class has been a gift to me in so many ways. I moved away from her local studio several years ago, and have found the yoga in my local community to be less aligned with what my body/mind/spirit have been calling for. Then I saw Nikki’s invitation to join her virtual yoga platform, way before this was “essential”. While I initially sought out Nikki’s online offerings for a highly therapeutic yoga experience (her focus uncannily always seems to align with what my particulars call for), I have been impressed with the depth and breadth of her knowledge and mastery in so many aspects of wellness. I find myself lingering on her site after class has ended, and interested to read her well composed blog posts. As with so many of us, shelter-in-place has opened up a new world of online yoga, fitness, meditation offerings… but I always come back to Nikki for her down-to-earth, easily accessible, highly relevant yogic asana and wellness education. I look for yoga to ground me, and Nikki nails it.
Sally Park

Life Transitions Coach, Oregon

Working with Nikki these past few years has been a joy. Her down-to-earth style makes learning easy. Her depth of knowledge is extensive which serves to maintain a high level of learning over time. She has helped me to build a stronger energetic support system for myself and it makes a difference. Anyone looking to learn more about themselves will benefit from her teaching.

Mariane E. Weigley

Author of Abuse & Energy™ series, Wisconsin

How fortunate I have been to have Nikki as one of my primary yoga teachers for the past 25 years. Since the early days of her career at the Yoga Studio, Nikki was an inspiring teacher. She’s grown and evolved and, as a result, she’s been able to create a loyal following of yogis who appreciate both her consistency and an advancing practice. Whether at Yogaworks or at retreats ( in France, Italy, Ratna Ling, Santa Barbara, Sonoma) Nikki has been able to offer engaging classes that are fulfilling and instructive. Her teaching style is clear and comprehensive and always focuses on breathing.

Since I’ve always traveled extensively I was thrilled to join Nikki’s online community so that I could take class wherever in the world I found myself. Now, during the shelter-in-place orders, I’m especially happy to be able to take Nikki’s class live or later at my convenience. They add a bit of normalcy to my life and keep me centered and grounded during the pandemic. I’d highly recommend becoming a member.

Jessica Lewin

CEO (retired), S.R. Travel, San Francisco

I went to Nikki’s classes when I lived in Marin and San Francisco. Then I moved to the Ozarks. I live far away from yoga studios now. I had my own, by-myself, practice until Nikki created her online collection. I like to flow, but I don’t like to be raced through it. Nikki gets to the heart of why I practice yoga. In Nikki’s classes, she takes the moments to ease into alignment with breath, allows time to scan around to see what needs attention, but there is flow too. It’s a wonderful combination for my body, mind and spirit. Nikki has this special way of being present to lead a practice, but she doesn’t disrupt my own practice. It’s remarkable, actually. I am grateful to be able to practice online with Nikki and I love learning what she has to share. The live classes online are special, but it’s a mystery to me why that is as it’s still just each of us and our devices, yes? Nah, there’s more — they are the best!
Anastasia Shilling

CTO, Via Analytics, Missouri

Nikki is hands down my favorite yoga teacher in the Bay Area, I never miss her in studio classes on the weekends and her retreats, they are heaven! But like most of us, with kids, work, and life in general, I can’t always get to class, especially during the week, when I need it most! That’s where my membership to Nikki’s website saves me. I can get to class with Nikki anytime I want, wherever I am. I can choose a focus area or type of practice, and I can repeat classes I love. It’s a fantastic way to have access to all of Nikki’s wisdom and expertise, her humor and warmth, no matter what might keep me from meeting her at the studio. As a former yoga teacher who prioritizes a robust home practice, Nikki helps me keep that going and by leading my practice on the mat, she gives me the strength to take that practice off my mat, and into my life!

Patti Cocciolo

Senior Director, Cisco Global Brand Marketing, San Francisco

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