Dear Beautiful Yogi,

I consider myself a seeker and I bet you do too. I love listening to podcasts and reading articles that relate to yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, diet and good living, especially when there is science involved. Each of these 3 podcasts offer just that and they are so good and contain so many great nuggets, I listened to them twice!

Ok, truth be told, I listened to them a second time because I put them on in the car when driving with my husband to make sure he listens to them too. (If I just text him the link, he never actually listens to them).

All three podcasts are different but each one is a unique combination of east meets west in psychology, functional medicine and Chinese medicine/the energy body.

  • Figuring Sh!t Out With Dr. Shefali. I am a huge fan of Dr. Shefali. She is a western psychologist, who meditates, talks about how we can awaken and live authentic lives and specializes in parenting. I saw she was interviewed on a podcast hosted by Kate & Oliver Hudson (Goldie Hawn’s kids) and gave it a listen. It doesn’t disappoint. She is so good and you don’t have to be a parent to get so much out of this podcast. She talks about her own personal background, how to be a more authentic and conscious person and how to deal with the challenges of parenting. In a nutshell, you gotta own your own shit and stop projecting onto other people and especially your kids. They also talk quite a bit about The Hoffman Process, a psycho-spiritual program which I happened to take when I was 20 years old. It was a life changing experience and was my first deep connection to the spiritual world within me. It was right before I discovered yoga and is probably what led me to that first yoga class. Give the podcast a listen.
  • Alejandro Junger, A Different Way Of Detoxing. This Goop Podcast episode is phenomenal and so interesting. Dr Junger is a cardiologist who now practices functional medicine and helps people find the root cause of their illness and heal from a variety of ailments. While western medicine address symptoms, functional medicine wants to understand why something is happening and support the body in resolving the root issue. What I love about his information is that he refers to Ayurveda throughout and backs so much of his methods with science. He can explain in common language what Ayurveda has been saying for thousands of years and what science is now proving. His new book is on my Christmas list for sure. Give the podcast a listen.
  • Demystifying Energy Medicine. This is another Goop Podcast but on the topic of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. This listen is incredible because Jill Blakeway who is an acupuncturist quotes amazing scientific studies throughout that explain what yoga and Ayurveda have said about the energy body for millennium. She refers to both the chakra and the Chinese meridian systems and why these energy systems are so powerful. It’s literally medicine for your mind and body.Give the podcast a listen.

Last week I launched my new Seasonal Alignment Mentorship Program and had several calls with interested students. It was so affirming to speak with people interested in the full breadth and width of the yoga & Ayurveda systems. I think many of you out there practicing yoga or teaching really want more. Asana, or a physical practice makes us feel great but tends to leave us still disconnected from living well-balanced, joyful, integrated and fulfilling lives. So we can balance on our heads or hold a solid plank pose, but how do we make wise choices throughout the day that support feeling really good, staying calm and kind and joyful?

The truth is you need more than asana. You need more than a physical practice. That’s the first pillar of yoga, body. You need to address your breath and energy system (second pillar), your mind (third pillar) and what you put into your body (fourth pillar). For more details of the program click here

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