Dear Beautiful Yogi,

Happy Valentine’s week. This week I want to give you a gift. Please enjoy a free month of my online yoga Membership.

My membership currently has more than 300 videos of all levels, lengths and themes. Need a quick energizing practice before heading to work? Try my 30 minute all levels flow. Need to calm the mind and body after a stressful and busy day? Do my relaxation practice to wind down and prepare for a good nights rest. Want to balance out your body after a run or other workout? Try my pre/post workout practice. Maybe you just need a guided meditation to turn off your busy and overactive mind. I have meditations of varying lengths and techniques that will support you with tuning in and turning off.

You can filter by level, season, style and length! All you need to play the videos is a phone, tablet or laptop!

Also included: seasonal lifestyle tips, recipes, philosophy videos and my annual spring Kitchari cleanse.

You need this code which is case sensitive: NikkiGift

Find my monthly membership here

In addition to my monthly membership my more in depth online offering is a 4 month comprehensive, one on one program:

My Seasonal Mentorship Program is starting now in kapha season. How we practice, what we eat, the daily habits and choices we make, ideally should ebb and flow with the seasons. The little everyday things have a big effect on us, they add up. Modern life may appear to overrule nature, but it honestly doesn’t. Mother nature is powerful and we are a part of her and she a part of us. Aligning with the seasons in everything we do helps us to live more positive, healthy, and vibrant lives.

Are you ready to practice yoga in a comprehensive way? Are you ready to extend the feel-good energy you get from yoga class well beyond the savasana high? If you are, then set up a call with me to find out how. I can explain the program and how the 4 pillars of yoga can help: body, breath, mind and diet.

My schedule is here, I would love to talk with you.

Love & Yoga,