Dear Yogi,

It’s been a really wet and cold season this year for many and it can leave us feeling more than a little bogged down. As we near the end of winter and head towards spring, the elements of earth (prithvi) and water (apas) are dominant in nature. Ayurveda calls it kapha season. Since these two elements are the heaviest right now, the result is often a build-up of extra weight, possibly mucus, and possibly some poor eating or exercise habits. Ring a bell?

This week I offer some practical ways you can change your diet, routine and yoga practice to help burn off winter accumulationWatch my video below to learn how to balance out the heavier elements with all things light, dry and mobile!

Each year around this time, I plan a spring season cleanse. When cleansing, it’s important to set aside some time so that you aren’t over-scheduled and can prepare your food and include self-care. One thing I LOVE about Ayurvedic cleansing is that it doesn’t leave me feeling depleted or starving. I can carry on with most of my regular life, minus anything extra or demanding. Stay tuned next week when I will send you all the details of the cleanse and how to start preparing if you want to cleanse with me (or on your own schedule)! I am planning my cleanse for early April.

Just before the spring cleanse this year, I am offering a special Yoga & Half Day Hiking/ Trail-Running Day in Novato! This is a wonderful kapha season event. It will get you moving, out in nature, and seasonally support you with stimulating yoga & breathing practices. I hope you will join me on Friday, April 5th from 9 am-1:30 pm. To learn more and to register, click here.

Happy Spring-Forward Week!

Love & Yoga,

Yogis in Springtime