Dear Beautiful Yogi,

I have something exciting to share. Plus I want to give you a heads up for a Facebook Live on Tuesday.

I’ve been working on this project since the spring and it’s finally LIVE!!! I am so excited to share with you a FREE online journey through The 4 Pillars of Yoga: Body, Breath, Mind & Diet. If you are anything like me, your asana practice makes you feel really good. You leave your yoga mat feeling more vibrant, grounded, peaceful and at ease. But after a bit, back in the thick of your day to day life, that ease wears off and you feel a bit disconnected again.

It’s because we need more than just an asana practice to feel the benefits of yoga touching all areas of our lives. We need additional tools. We need the other 3 pillars of yoga to feel our very best. So, I have created this 8 video series to give you a taste of what a comprehensive yoga practice can do for your life. I cover each of the 4 pillars, body, breath, mind and diet. Each pillar has both a lecture video on the subject and a practice video. It’s completely free for you to enjoy and share with your partner or friends! Get started by registering here: Register for The 4 Pillars of Yoga Free Workshop

Before I fly off to Italy this week, join me for a FACEBOOK LIVE!! I want to talk about the 4 Pillars of Yoga and answer any questions you may have. I will go live on Tuesday, September 10th at 11am PST. Join me here: Nikki Estrada Facebook Hope you can join me live. If not, it will stay up on my page for you to watch later!

I will be away from all public classes from September 10th through October 5th, but you can always join me in my membership here: Monthly Yoga Membership