Dear Yogi,

Investing in yourself is one of the most valuable things you can do. From wellness programs to wellness products, what we use and how we take care of ourselves is really important. There are a few companies I regularly buy from because what they make or the service they offer is of high value. I trust them, they enhance my life! So I thought I would share them with you. I don’t get any reward or compensation for sharing these brands, just wanted to let you in on what I find valuable.

  • Banyan Botanicals– I LOVE Banyan Botanicals. They are an Ayurvedic herbal company that makes high quality, organic herb formulations right here in the U.S. I order from them regularly, including body oils, immune boosters, spice blends and triphala. Their marketing is also beautiful and inclusive, showing models of all ages, constitutions and ethnic backgrounds. I highly recommend jumping on their website and having a look and also take their dosha quiz to find out your constitution and current imbalances. 5 stars for Banyan Botanicals
  • Yoga Tune-Up Balls– These are a must in any fitness and wellness routine. I use them almost everyday and so does my husband. They are massage balls you can roll on to massage and release tension in any part of your body. I have literally relieved a strained back in 30 seconds using the balls and they help me keep the tightest part of my back supple and free of tension. You can’t go wrong with these $12 Therapy Balls. The book that goes with them is also amazing as it describes the science behind what your doing to your tissues when you use them. It’s called The Roll Model Book and includes ways to use the balls on every part of your body. I don’t travel without them!
  • Real. Kind.- As a vata type constitution, dry skin is always an issue for me and finding the right products that aren’t drying but help keep my skin clean and moisturized is challenging. Plus, I know how important it is to use clean ingredients both for myself and the environment. I LOVE real. kind. for their face cleanser and their face oil! Plus it’s woman owned (Susannah is my neighbor and she is known for her chemical free mosquito repellent by all of Novato). Try her products: 10% off any order over $40 use code ESTRADA10 and 25% off the most popular winter product, Winter Lotion code WINTER25 Please note, order deadline is March 19th.
  • Life Spa– Another amazing Ayurvedic company created by Dr. John Douillard. I particularly love all of the science based information they put out in the form of articles and podcasts. I also love their cleanse guidelines. My family uses their liquid melatonin in micro doses to support good sleep. They offer a huge range of herbal products as well as Ayurvedic tools like tongue cleaners and neti pots! Check out their site: Life Spa
  • Chattra– Their bolsters are BEAUTIFUL. What I love about chattra meditation cushions and yoga bolsters are the colorful prints, that they are made by artisans in India, and that they include fun details like tassels. By filling their props here in the US, shipping emissions are reduced…kind of the best of both worlds!. Plus, added note, chattra is woman founded and owned! Use code NIKKILOVE for 10% all orders in the U.S at Cannot be combined with any other offers.
  • Norma Jean’s Beauty Studio– For Marin residents, the best facials and skin care locally. Taking care of our skin isn’t just about vanity, skin is your biggest organ! Not only do we eliminate through our skin, we also take in through our skin. Ayurveda teaches about the significance of skin care for this exact reason. I love this clean and beautiful salon where Angela offers a full array of services. Enjoy 10% off of any service with code nikkiNorma Jean’s Beauty Studio

Spring is fast approaching and part of wellness is not just cleaning your house, but also cleaning your mind and body. I am planning to do my annual spring Kitchari cleanse very soon. I have put all the info needed to do this cleanse back into my Monthly Membership. Included are two videos (a lecture on how to prepare and how to make kitchari) and a printable recipe. Want to join me? Simply join the Membership and watch the videos to get prepared. You will feel so good because this cleanse is gentle, not harsh or depleting.

Here’s to wellness!

Love & Yoga,