Dear Beautiful Human,

It is time to finally do a gentle Ayurvedic cleanse. I was going to do it back in March around the spring equinox. Instead I indulged in all the comfort food and drink I wanted and it left me feeling crappy. I was especially struggling with allergies. In fact, this year they have been the worst ever. I had a nagging feeling it was diet related and that what I needed was a cleanse.

Once I was clear it was time to make a change, I set the date. I also figured a few of you might be in need of some spring cleaning. So I created a virtual workshop to go with it. You can do the workshop without the cleanse or do them both together. Either way the experience will be beneficial.

I am not a “cold turkey” kind of person. I like gentle transitions and I like to slowly prepare for a cleanse. Last week I started eliminating some of the dietary crutches I know aren’t great for me and that I suspected were contributing to my allergies. I instantly felt better and the allergy symptoms lessened.

Here is what I did:

  • I cut out the white stuff: bread, pasta, tortillas and crackers. Crackers are my downfall. I could live on crackers. But they are processed and they are dry (not great for vata dosha). Instead I added more quinoa, rice and oats into my diet.
  • I cut the sugar. Always hard for me. I love sweets. No more desserts, cookies, cake (with the exception of one piece on my birthday!). Instead when I really need a sweet, fruit (and boy does fruit taste amazing when you aren’t eating sugary treats) or a cup of herbal tea with stevia.
  • I cut the alcohol. I was having a glass of something each night. As much as I love a good drink and can get away with it for a short period, it eventually catches up to me. The alcohol sugar spikes my blood sugar and leaves me more tired and less energetic. I just don’t sleep as well either.
  • I added triphala back into my routine. Triphala is sooooo amazing. It is a combination of three fruits that is good for all three doshas and helps support and cleanse the digestive tract. Here is an amazing article on all of the benefits of triphala
  • I warned my family I will be cleansing and they are mostly on their own for meals for a few days. This is important especially if you are sheltering in place with other people.
  • I also prepare myself mentally. Some cleanses are harder than others and I remind myself to get ready to be with uncomfortableness. It is ok to be uncomfortable and I can use mindfulness and yogic tools to sit with it.

Just those few adjustments over the last week or so have made a big difference in my energy levels and reduced my allergy symptoms. I expect all the allergy symptoms to disappear completely once I am fully on the cleanse.

Starting Friday:

  • I will wake and take triphala and drink a daily dose of ghee in hot water.
  • I will eat a gentle 3 meal diet of kitchari with seasonal veggies, maybe a little fruit like cooked apples and some days oatmeal for breakfast.
  • I will slow down more, intake water, herbs, herbal teas and anything clean and easy to digest.
  • I will increase my meditation time and make an effort for daily time in nature.

As of now, I plan to do this cleanse for 3 days, but it could go longer. I will see how I feel and with everyone at home if it feels sustainable.

Will you join me? Saturday April 25th I am leading a daylong virtual Workshop. The practices are longer and geared for the spring season. You can keep it very simple and just do a one-day kitchari cleanse. Make a pot in the morning and eat it for three meals. Or, you can just practice with me for the day in this extended format without the cleanse. More details below or register here.

Love & Yoga,