Dear Beautiful Yogi,

A few weeks back, I told you a little story about a gal who used to live “vata crazy” (aka me). In case you missed it, here is the link. I promised to send you a blog post on what the other two doshas are like when out of balance. This week it’s all about Kapha which is perfect because we are right on the cusp of kapha season (late winter into spring). Kapha dosha is a combination of the elements of earth and water.

Think about the qualities of both earth and water and you will begin to understand this dosha. It’s heavy, wet, solid, cold, grounded, lethargic, nourishing, substantive and enduring. When kapha is out of balance, or the qualities of earth and water are excessive in both the mind and the body, we experience the following: weight gain, lethargy, water retention, depression, a lack of motivation, an accumulation of mucus or ama (toxins), a desire to “couch potato” the day away, sluggish digestion and elimination (mand agni) and a general feeling of heaviness.

Kapha body types tend to gain weight easily and are larger boned naturally. They are also very reliable, loyal and grounded human beings. They are literally the embodiment of all things nourishing and comforting. You know you can count on them. They have amazing endurance.

But when they go out of balance, it’s hard to get them going. I am sure either you know someone who fits the type or you yourself can totally relate.

During kapha season there is an accumulation of earth and water in our environment. We have gone through the rain, the snow, and the cold temperatures for months and the earth is wet and heavy as a result. During this season and especially for people with a lot of kapha in their constitution, it’s important to integrate all things opposite to help melt away the excess.

How do we combat the excess kapha?

  • Eat lighter and warmer (no cold food or drinks and avoid heavier foods). Keep dinner especially light. Reduce dairy if you are a kapha type.
  • Get moving! Ideally in the morning- move your body. You can walk, run, do vinyasa yoga (incorporate sun salutations) or any form of vigorous activity. Kapha time in the morning is between 6-10am so move in this time frame. Breaking a sweat is a good thing.
  • Try to wake up by 6am, if you sleep well into kapha morning time, it’s harder to get up.
  • Drink hot water throughout the day to flush the digestive track
  • Cook with ginger to get your digestive fire going and don’t eat if you aren’t hungry
  • Make a to-do list and get a couple of things crossed off each day- be productive.

While the couch and the bucket of ice cream might be calling (that was me last weekend), resist and get a move on. This is the time of year to create heat and lightness to counter the cold heavy nature of kapha.

My Seasonal Mentorship Program is starting now in kapha season. How we practice, what we eat, the daily habits and choices we make, ideally should ebb and flow with the seasons. The little everyday things have a big effect on us, they add up. Modern life may appear to overrule nature, but it honestly doesn’t. Mother nature is powerful and we are a part of her and she a part of us. Aligning with the seasons in everything we do helps us to live more positive, healthy, and vibrant lives.

Are you ready to practice yoga in a comprehensive way? Are you ready to extend the feel-good energy you get from yoga class well beyond the savasana high? If you are, then set up a call with me to find out how. I can explain the program and how the 4 pillars of yoga can help: body, breath, mind and diet.

My schedule is here, I would love to talk with you.

Now, off the couch…

Love & Yoga,