Dear Members,

Spring is definitely in the air in the Bay Area! This week temperatures will hit the 70’s. My vata bones are defrosting from the warmth and I love it.

As you probably know, we are in kapha season now, late winter into spring. It’s time to get moving, clear out stagnation (mentally, physically, energetically, you name it) and cleanse the mind and body. I put 4 videos back into the system, right on the home page:

  • 10 Minute Overview Of Kapha Season
  • 30 Minute Overview Of Why Kitchari Cleanse
  • 10 Minute Video Kitchari Recipe
  • Printable Kitchari Recipe
  • 30 Minute Kapha Season Practice

I am plotting when I will do the kitchari cleanse, most likely the middle or end of March. Maybe around the spring equinox. I will let you know if you want to do it with me.

In case you missed the blog on kapha dosha, here it is: Kapha On The Couch

Love & Yoga,