Dear Beautiful Human,

I have been practicing yoga now for 27 years, teaching for 23. I began leading teacher trainings before my first daughter was born (shes 14 now!). I have ushered so many students through 200 hour and 300 hour teacher trainings, I have lost count of how many I have led. For the last few years students have been asking me “when are you going to mentor again?”

The time is now. I have finally created my own mentorship program! It’s launching this January and here are all the details.

Seasonal Alignment Mentorship for Yoga Teachers & Dedicated Students:

This Program is for Yoga Teachers, Studio Owners, and Dedicated Practitioners. My aim is to help yoga teachers and serious students use seasonal alignment and yoga to support themselves, influence their community and build their practice.

As a yoga teacher or studio owner, you spend a lot of time giving of yourself. You create your classes and workshops, pour out your time and energy to your students and try to maintain your own personal practice. It can leave you feeling depleted, uncreative and just stuck on how to best practice or support yourself and therefore your student community. I know this sounds crazy but it’s true, a lot of yoga teachers are not living balanced lives!

With this 4-month online mentorship program, you will learn how to seasonally align yourself, your personal practices and your teaching to best support you and your community. When you feel good, your classes are well balanced, you stay inspired and creative, and your students see and feel the difference.

Month 1. We start with a Body Audit. We take inventory of how and what your yoga practice looks like physically. What issues, injuries or physical challenges do you have? We create a seasonallybased practice for yourself incorporating functional movement, asana and sequencing. I help you translate this to your students. Body is the 1st Pillar of Yoga. Asana should be pain free, balanced and energy giving, not depleting.

Month 2. We move to Seasonal Breath. How are you breathing? Breath is life and pranayama is the 2nd Pillar of Yoga. Different breath techniques are appropriate for different people and at different times of the year. We dive deep into pranayama and the energy body to create a breath practice for you and cover how to teach it to your students. Everything is energy and how we breathe directly shapes our energy.

Month 3. Mind Mapping. Your mind is one of the most powerful tools you have. In yoga, deeply ingrained mental patterns are called samskaras. Some samskaras are helpful, they create positive habits that move us along in our personal evolution. Some however are not. Some mental habits keep us stuck and mired in negative or untrue thinking. We can reprogram our mental habits and create focus and clarity through meditation. Mind is the 3rd Pillar of Yoga because it’s so influential in our lives.

Month 4. Constitutional Nutrition. There are a million fad diets and a ton of conflicting information about what is the best way to eat. There isn’t one way for everyone, but there is a good way for you and it varies throughout the year. We cover seasonal eating and responsive dieting so you can feel your best. Diet is the 4th Pillar of Yoga because it directly impacts our health and well-being.

This 4-month journey to a radiant practice and life includes weekly one-hour video calls with me, providing 4 sessions (one month) per pillar, totaling 16. Recorded and stored in your private portal, you have access to them anytime to review and refresh the content. Homework, suggested practices and access to my monthly membership are included.

You don’t have to be a yoga teacher. Are you dedicated to your yoga practice and want more? Do you need help with what to practice and want to know the more subtle techniques of yoga? Do you want your yoga practice to spill over into all areas of your life? This could be the program for you to go much deeper with your practice. If you aren’t a teacher, we’ll leave out the content focused on teaching and add more just for you!

Set up a free call with me to find out if it’s a good match. I am opening up my schedule beginning this week for free 30-minute calls to discuss this program more with any interested students. Click here to see my availability and to book a call.

Your 4 month program can start anytime from early January until mid-February. I will be accepting a handful of students for this first round in 2020. All you need is a laptop or desktop computer, you can join me from anywhere in the world. Register here