Dear Beautiful Yogi,

Last week’s newsletter clearly struck a nerve. Responses to “Gurus, Sexual Misconduct & The New Era of Yoga” filled my inbox and contained personal reflection and individual stories. So, I wanted to say thank you for reading, sharing and agreeing with the new era we are entering. As I shared in the newsletter, I believe we are entering a more discerning, accountable, self-directed and women led era of yoga. Yahoo.

I continued my research a bit and discovered more accounts of abuse and misconduct even worse and more far reaching than I had thought. A good listen specific to the history of Bikram yoga is the series on the 30 for 30 Podcast. I had never been a fan of Bikram yoga. Two of the worst yoga classes I had ever experienced were both Bikram classes and I never went back. I understand that for many the Bikram series of postures was life changing. Like many within the Ashtanga system, there is a personal reckoning taking place that has some dropping the systems all together and others separating the guru from the practice. To each his own, it’s a very personal path to tread.

Onto more positive topics. I am working away on a few new offerings for 2020 and extremely excited to announce these in the next couple of weeks. The first one was student requested and came together seamlessly which I always take as a sign it was meant to be!

Announcing “Summer Celebration Yoga Retreat”. Join me for an amazing weekend on the Sonoma coast- Friday August 21st to Sunday August 23rd 2020. Ratna Ling is my favorite local retreat venue because it has everything for an easy and beautiful weekend away: a gorgeous and easy drive, luxury cottages in the redwoods, a spacious and well-appointed yoga room, incredible organic food and a tranquil setting.

All the details are here and registration is open! Space is limited so don’t wait to sign up. Can’t wait to get back to this incredible retreat center.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! May you be surrounded by love and gratitude.

Love & Yoga,