Seasonal Alignment Mentorship Program

Fall Seasonal Alignment for the Soul

Learn to use practical tools from yoga and Ayurveda to get consistent with your practice, align with the seasons and feel your best.


Why Choose This Program?

You need consistency and corrections to make your practice effective and sustainable

  • Your yoga practice makes you feel so good, but you can’t seem to get consistent? We will get your practice regular and sustainable, tailored just to fit your current life.
  • Notice certain areas of your body are chronically tight or injured? We will identify and correct postural imbalances and habits through conscious alignment and functional anatomy.

You’re not sure if you’re even breathing in a way that will reduce the anxiety and overwhelm you want to eliminate.

  • Do you wonder about the more subtle practices of yoga like breathing and the chakra system? We cover how to work with the breath, why it’s so important and how it all ties into the subtle body.
  • Do you find yourself feeling anxious and overwhelmed? Specific breathing practices can help immediately because they give you direct access to the nervous system and there are no side effects.

Meditation feels really hard.

  • Stress and a nonstop mind make it hard to focus and unwind. Learn the right meditation method for you and enjoy the benefits of less stress and more clarity.
  • Negative mental patterns hold us back and keep us stuck in jobs we don’t love, behaviors that don’t serve us and relationships that drain us. Through the lens of yoga philosophy and practical ways to practice yoga off the mat, we clear away the blockages.
  • Everyone has personal challenges and self-imposed limitations. When we live more in alignment with our own unique nature (and the natural world around us), we learn to leave those limits behind and live a more authentic, fulfilling and expansive life.

You’ve tried a million diets but you’re not sure any of them work for your unique needs.

  • Learn to eat for your constitution and season. Feel nourished, energized and balanced.
  • Inconsistent digestion & bloating leaves you feeling out of sorts. Learn how to “read” your digestion and shift your diet accordingly.
  • Everyone wants to “cleanse” and try a “detox diet” but so often they are depleting and leave you with no energy to function in your daily life. Learn how to cleanse gently, Ayurveda style, supporting your body, giving you energy and restarting your digestion.

What We Cover

Month 1: We start with a Body Audit

We take inventory of how and what your yoga practice looks like physically.We determine misalignment patterns and areas of weakness, tension or compensation that need adjusting. We create a seasonally based practice for yourself incorporating functional movement, asana and sequencing. Asana should be pain free, balanced and energy giving, not depleting.

Month 2: We incorporate Seasonal Breath

How are you breathing? Breath is life and good breathing is directly connected to our health and energy. Different breath techniques are appropriate for different people and at different times of the year. We dive deep into pranayama and the energy body to create a breath practice for you.

Month 3: We create a Mind Map

Your mind is one of the most powerful tools you have. Some mental habits keep us stuck and mired in negative or untrue thinking. We can reprogram our mental habits and create focus and clarity through meditation.

Month 4: We design your personal nutritional guidelines

There are a million fad diets and a ton of conflicting information about what is the best way to eat. There isn’t one way for everyone, but there is a good way for you and it varies throughout the year. We cover seasonal eating, digestion and responsive dieting so you can feel your best.

What’s Included

  • Group Program begins the week of February 15th, 2022 (day and time TBD) and goes until May 25th, 2022
  • Weekly Video Calls: One-hour weekly group video calls with me, in addition to recorded content for each topic.
  • Weekly Asana Practice: One-hour weekly live group asana practice zoom style where we practice themes from the content
  • A private Group Portal where all videos are stored. Live sessions will be recorded and saved if you miss a session or simply want to review content.
  • Additional Support: Homework, suggested practices and additional content added to the portal each week.

Seasonal Alignment Reviews

They did it. So can you. Here are some of the outstanding success stories from the mentorship program. These smart, hard-working Seasonal Alignment Mentees put in thoughtful effort to create their success.

Questions? Set up a 30 minute free call

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